Who We Are

Indrani Ashe

Founder and Studio Program Coordinator

Interdisciplinary artist Indrani Ashe ইন্দ্রাণী responds to a world in which transnational histories and hybrid identities have been strategically marginalized and erased, where profit-based algorithms continue the work of colonialism and imperialism, and perception becomes reality.

Wresting the narrative from these hegemonical structures, she creates necessary mythologies at the interplay between image, text, and performance: an intersectional feminist shadow archive which regenerates a damaged past and creates potential realities for the future. While speaking to the experience of the body as a political vessel her practice employs collective story telling as the ultimate strategy for survival, rebellion, and futurity.


A.E. Sadeghipour

Co founder and Writing Program Coordinator

A.E. Sadeghipour is a doodling Iranian-American with a Surrealist outlook believing that there is no separation between realities, dream like states, and supposed “truths.”

Born in the United States to an Iranian father and American mother, many of A.E.’s influences and writings come from her experiences in early childhood. Having lived in Iran during her earliest childhood years, she later moved back to the United States with her family. Upon re-entering the American lifestyle and education system, she was heavily assimilated losing much of her mother tongue due to the forced ingestion of the English language. The same language which eventually provided her creativity the ample sustenance needed. After attending university and achieving various degrees in the English language, she uses her mastery of the language as a beast of burden harvesting her ideas and words connecting with others who experienced similar hardships all while maintaining her child-like curiosity and appreciation for the world.