Studio Visit Program

Studio Visit 3: kate hers RHEE, New Ethnographies

Sunday May 5, 2018 15:30-17:00 @ kate hers RHEE Studio

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Voice: The Limitation and Liberation of Language, 2018, performance lecture, Gallery dam dam, Korean Cultural Center – Berlin, on the occasion of the solo exhibition of Theresa Hak Young Cha, MAH-UHM, curated by Kahee Jeong. photo credit: Young Joo Choi

Interdisciplinary visual artist kate hers RHEE (이미래/李未來) explores transnational identity and the construction of self, while discussing gender, migration, and global inequality. Her work engages with the assessment of, and post-colonial discourses surrounding ethnographic collections. She invents new cultural artifacts, ethnographic symbols and living breathing anthropology. Above all, her work seeks to be a catalyst for spiritual transformation through materiality and meticulous processes.

RHEEkhArtistPortrait1RHEE was born in a poor neighborhood in Seoul, the dynamic capital city of South Korea.  Abandoned because of her gender (her birth parents had counted on having  a son, after already birthing three girls, and being number four (an unlucky number in Asia), RHEE was abandoned immediately. Months later, RHEE
was transnationally adopted to a racially segregated working class neighbourhood in Macomb County, Michigan, where she grew up right outside of Detroit, in between the likes of Eminem and Kid Rock. Her experiences negotiating her position in-between, specifically black and white identities, are at the core of her artistic practice.

RHEE’s work has been shown nationally and internationally with recent exhibitions and interactive projects at the Korea Verband – Berlin, Korea Cultural Center – New York, Reinbeckhallen – Berlin, Gallery dam dam in the Korean Cultural Center Berlin, SOMA Art Space Berlin, Pitzer College Galleries – CA, Seoul Art Space – SEOGYO, British Museum – London, Asian Art Museum – Berlin, Neuer Berlin Kunstverein, Humboldt Lab Dahlem
Museum – Berlin, and the Berlinische Galerie – Museum for Modern Art.

Studio Visit 4: Shanti Suki Osman, The Future Sound

Sunday, June 23, 15:30-17:00 @ Shanti Suki Osman Studio

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Shanti Suki Osman - Usha Uthup Photo Credit Eva Storms (16)

Shanti Suki Osman is an artist, educator and researcher. She works in both school and extracurricular contexts using songwriting, sound art and radio to explore identities, privilege, cultural commodification and appropriation, feminism and decolonisation. In Hidden Stories (colaboradio, 88,4), Shanti presents stories and music about activism and arts from lesser known sources. She has presented her research on empowerment, survival and resistance and identity construction of women* artists of colour in the electronic music scene Berlin at various conferences and symposiums in UK and Western Europe.

Shanti Suki Osman by Helin Bereket
Photo Credit: Helin Bereket

Shanti was awarded the DISTRICT BERLIN Studio Grant, Berlin for August to January 2017 and teaches decolonial-feminist Sound and Radio Art at Braunschweig University of Fine Art and Humboldt University. In Late Nights In Squat Bars she writes and sings feminist electro-pop with Dafne Della Dafne, and curates festivals and group shows – most recently the sound art exhibition and event series Hearing Now (Berlin June 2018). Her recent radio, song and sound pieces include, The Hearing Test, (English Theater Berlin, April 2018); Chipping Away (I AM NOT A FORTUNE COOKIE, ACUD, July 2018). In September 2018 she was part of the Sonic Cyberfeminisms sound art residency at the Wysing Art Centre, Cambridge, a group that continues to generate space for intersectional feminist narratives.

Past Studio Visits

Studio Visit 2: Shannon Tamara Lewis, High Femme Performance

19:30-21:00 Wednesday, March 27 @ Shannon Tamara Lewis Studio Pankow

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Shannon’s practice encompasses painting, performance, and installation. Her work exudes a constant play with absurd or sinister incongruities, to destabilize the unconscious archives of the viewer so power relations can permute. This strategy is also used to interrogate how the constructs of femininity are created, maintained and inconspicuously enforced. Collage and transparencies are purposely used to create new sexual symbols and codes outside of worn narratives from the fragments of what can still be useful. Dissident laughter runs throughout all of the work, where the narrator may be unreliable. This narrator hovers between wanting to desperately participate in the trappings of privilege and wanting to tear down the structures that provide them.


Lewis is a Canadian born, Berlin-based artist.She has exhibited in Canada, United States, England and Germany. She obtained a BA from OCADU in Toronto in 2006 and an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2014. In 2018 She presented solo exhibitions at Andreas Schmidt Gallery and Butch Cut in Berlin.  She will be presenting her work at this studio visit after a month long residency  at Alice’s Yard in Trinidad.


Studio Visit 1: Adi Liraz, Embroidered Herstories

Sunday, February 24 from 15:30-17:00 @ Adi Liraz Studio Pankow

by eva giannakopoulou (1)
by Eva Giannakopoulou

Adi Liraz is an interdisciplinary and performance artist.

In her work, she often bridges private and public experiences, discourses and spaces. She reflects on her personal and collective identity, particularly on her role in society as a migrant, woman, and mother. Her tools are text and textile which she uses to create objects, Installations and interactive performances.

The aim of Liraz´s work is to generate communication and critical exposure of hegemonic perceptions and to give voice to marginalized stories through creating a fabric of solidarity.

by Sharon Paz
by Sharon Paz

Liraz received a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and an MA from the Art Academy Berlin Weißensee (“Art in Public Context, Spatial Strategies”).  Liraz was a founding member of NOMEN Collective and part of the duo ExDress. She has exhibited and performed, among others, at: District Berlin48 Hours Neukölln Art Festival, Soma gallery, COVEN BerlinMonth of Performance Art Berlin, Alphanova & Galerie Futura, SAVVY ContemporaryXart SplittaKappatos Gallery, Athens, and the Jewish Museum Berlin. Liraz was selected as the artist of the month in June 2018 and recently also receive a small grant from Asylum Arts.