June 8th (7PM-9:30PM)
Stone Brewing Tap Room

June 11th (7PM-9:30PM)
Stone Brewing Tap Room

June 22nd (7PM-9:30PM)
Monterey Bar

 June 25th (7PM-9:30PM)
Monterey Bar

As the great Ernest Hemingway once said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” The Berlin Diaspora Society (BDS) brings you our “Let’s Get Crafty” writing series. During the summer and fall, we will be hosting an array of writing themed events combining two of our favorite things: booze and writing. At our events, we aim to create a space where members of various diasporas can come, write, and share about their experiences. We are consoling our ancestors and carving our place in this categorical world. Come join us for a round of dank words and drinks and fuck the pigeon hole society puts us in.

***Just to clarify, this is not a singles meet and greet, this is not a space to get wicked trashed, and it is definitely NOT a space that tolerates any kind of that fucked up shit. This is a POC/LGBTQ/Womxn friendly environment where individuals are coming together to engage in a creative space and freely expressing themselves. For this reason, we ask that you conduct yourself appropriately and respectfully. ***

For more information, feel free to contact our writer A.E. (awerfjil@gmail.com). Interested in the design? Contact @madelineforrey